Our philosophy is to positively assist each child in his or her creative approach to the learning process and provide the highest level of personal attention to each child, all the while letting them learn at their own pace. Our job is to offer them the richest, and beautiful, and well-planned environment to help foster concentration, independence and order in their lives. ,

We work to develop caring, respectful, and responsive relationships with children from infancy through preschool we will achieve all our goals by providing personal attention from trained professionals who really do care .We are here to serve . We will act as partner with parents in development of their children.

We use Pinnacle based curriculum with emphasis on Montessori Philosophy .This award winning curriculum has been developed by experts in the field of early childhood development who's business is to provide state of the art program that utilizes the most up to date knowledge and methods in early childhood children.The same selectiveness applies to nutrition dietary planning teacher training teacher certification education materials and software .

You have entrusted your child to us, and our goal is to be the best childcare provider your family will ever have!